Senufo Spoon

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Gold Dust Spoon, Senufo, Ivory Coast

L: 11,5 cm (4,5”), W: 4,5 cm (1,8”)


This fine old gold spoon was used to weigh gold dust or to ‘measure’ the amount of gold dust in small containers. Value and the amount of gold dust was then payed for a product or a slave.

This spoon was part of a larger collection gold spoons, which was acquired from a Belgian gallery in 2002. There are not many gold spoons of this shape, patina and quality from the Ivory Coast.

Age: Est. early 20th century

Provenance: Private Belgian collection sold to a Brussels gallery.

Literature:” El Dorado in West Africa – The Gold Mining Frontier, African Labor, and Colonial Capitalism” by Raymond E. Dumett

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