Marwar, or Maru, ”The land of the dead”, is the largest province of Rajahstan. Many fables about Marwar/Maru are told and illustrated.

The earliest miniature of this school date to the mid-17th century. The style is animated, yet relaxed. Some elements of the paintings even may seem slipshod. On the other hand they do radiate intensity in their depiction of people and animals, which provide the conceptual unity of the most exiting miniatures from Rajasthan.

At the close of the 18th century, the style became tighter; the motifs more pretentious in their portrayal of falcon hunt scenes or playful dancing parties in lavish costumes, painted in lush, glowing hues. The color scale now is red, orange and emerald green. In the portraits the men wear large turbans and thick moustaches. Contemporary Jodhpur (Mewar) miniatures show a particular fondness for the camel motif, due to the proximity to the Thar Desert.

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