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Fanti Décor

JLC 03-18-5 Silver-plated Vase –  Fanti, Ghana Media: Silver plated Vase, Table Decoration, Fante, Ghana Dimensions: H: 27, C 13 cm. Weight: 1 kilo/1000 grams Age: Est. mid 20th Century. Ca. 1950th Provenience: From the collection of Asafoa Kwaa Agyei, Chief Akim South, Ashanti Region, Ghana

Chief’s Chair

SNK 1212-76  Chockwe Chief’s Chair, Zaïre (D.R. Congo) / Angola In many societies of Central Africa, such as the Chokwe and related peoples like the Songo and the Ovimbundu, functional artefacts are transformed into prestige objects that commemorate the power and status of the chief. Chokwe chiefs possess many elaborately carved articles, including ceremonial weapons, … Continue reading Chief’s Chair