Bakota Figure

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HCK 0615-2

Kota (Akota, Bakota, Kuta) Ceremonial Rattle, Zaïre (DR Congo)

H: 44 cm (17,3″), W: 11 cm (4,3″)

Wood, yellow metal sheeting, basketry, vegetable fiber

This fine figure is used by deviners to obtain contact with the spirits, and despite the small size this Kota rattle radiates an intense firmness in its function.

The voice of the Rattle has long been likened to the spirits themselves. …you can’t see it, you can’t touch it, yet the sound is there and it’s calling the soul by altering the consciousness – by Trudy Coyle.

Age: Est. mid 20th century

Provenance: Acquired from old French collection

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