Baoulé Comb

LCK 0702-27C

Baule Comb, Ivory Coast

This fine antique comb is derived from the Baule tribe of Côte d’Ivoire.

These combs have multiple purposes. Partly they are used to style hair. It is also used as a decorative addition to both men and women. Women especially demonstrate by placing the comb in the hair that she is so wealthy that she does not have to wear anything on her head.

Each comb is accentuated with a unique etching pattern on both sides, as a personalized signature with personal engraving.

Measure: H: 16, W: 7,5, D: 1,5 cm.

Condition: This comb appears in a beautiful dark brown glow. Despite age and use, this comb is in an exceptionally fine condition. No scratches or insect bites.

Literature: ROY SIEBER and FRANK HERREMAN – “Hair in African Art and Culture”.

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