Chamba Figure

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TMK 0710-1

Chamba Figure, Nigeria

H: 37,5 cm (14,8″), W: 10 cm (3,9″)

Wood, brownish patina

Chamba Ancestral Figure

Chamba figures are rare, and this exceptional Chamba figure in particular with high hairstyle and a cubistic face. Its arms and hands are simple and descend from stylized shoulders. The surface is exceptionally smooth.

The Chamba people live south of the Benue River near the Jukun people. They are socially divided into small kingdoms, each headed by a king assisted by a council of elders whose powers are regulated by male and female secret societies. Chamba figures are believed to be a medium for communication with the spirit world.

Age: Est. early to mid. 20th Century

Provenance: Acquired from a Paris gallery ex property from French/American Collection

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