Dogon Figure

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KSJK 0809-9

Dogon Figure, Mali

H: 30 cm (11,8″)

Brown patina, wood

Dogon Standing Male Figure
This statue represents a male standing figure. One notices the pride of the oval head with almond shaped eyes and with a arrow-shaped nose, long neck and U-shaped ears. The long and fine body, and the very ancient break of the arm and stylistic hands. The slightly bent legs and feet standing on a round wooden base, leave no doubt as for the great antiquity of this exceptional piece.

Sculpted in traditional forms and proportions, this figure was undoubtedly dedicated to serve the ancestors’ cult. A rather rare element supplements the aesthetic balance of this object. His function is not doubt a binu priest (the hogan), in charge of religious rituals for ancestors whose cult is concerned with fertility and regeneration of the earth.

Provenance: A recognized and highly respected Danish private collection.

Age: 17th / 19th Century

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