Dogon Hair Pin

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MLK 0204-26

Hair Pin, Dogon, Mali

H: 13 cm (5,1”) (incl. base 20,5 cm (8,1”)

Weight: 70 g (incl. base 550 g)

This fine old bronze hairpin from the Dogon tribe in Mali shows a seated couple symbolically connected to each other.
The Dogon are famous for depicting the human form with an ovoid head and squared; characteristics seen in this remarkable pin.
This pin is a fine example of Dogon art; and as such, represents a style that greatly influenced the art of the West. The characteristic Dogon figure are in a seated position, hands placed firmly on their knees. Their backs are very straight and they appear to be bound at the elbows.

Among other things the Dogon are famous for their small cast figures and objects, which despite their small size, express status, prestige and power. Known for their art as well as their remarkable villages along the heights of the Bandiagara escarpment in Mali, Dogon art remains today some of the best known and most collected African art.

The cast metal figures are made of a copper alloy exhibiting the technical skill and artistry that Dogon blacksmiths brought to their work. Made by the complex traditional lost-wax process, they are all small enough to be cast solid. The Dogon used metal for their most important ritual objects as well as everyday objects, farming implements and weapons.

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