Fetishes Figures

CWK 0219-14 (a-b-c-d-e) SOLD

Adan Aklama Ewe Fetishes Figure, Ghana

This anthromorphic sculpture is Ewe/Dangme alter fetish voodoo related from Southern part of Ghana, but according of the last owner collected in the North of Ghana close to the Lobi-Wala, Wa region, similar like the PramPram, influenced by the Moba, the migration of ethnic groups, which are well known in the South, went in the North/South direction. The faces on the abdomen of these figures lets us assume that they are fertility figures; light wood with remnants of kaolin.

Accordint to the study of the recognized collection of German Horst Antes the Aklaman, auxiliary spirits of the Ewe (and Adan, Aklama) this figure is also a helper spirit that protect the owner and his family from vicious spirits trying to get into their homes.

Age: Est. beg. to mid. 20th Century.

Condition: These figures are often colored with kaolin as after regular use is more or less worn. Broken limbs and is intended due to application of various Voodo context.


A    H: 28, W: 6, D: 2,5 cm

B    H: 23, W: 4,5, D: 3 cm

C    H: 23, W: 5, D: 3 cm

D    H: 24, W: 5, D: 4,5 cm

E    H: 23, W: 5, D: 2 cm

Literature: ‘Aklama’ – Helper Spiritis of the Ewe and Dangme from the Study collection of Horst Antes – http://www.aklama.net/Aklama.html

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