Georges Braque

HMC 0822-5

Georges Braque

Nature morte oblique

Etching and colour aquatinte, Ed. 139/300

Signed by the artist in pencil

Reference: Maeght 1017

Georges Braque Nature morte oblique (Oblique Still Life), c. 1950 is full of wonderful texture and color. Using a more subdued color palate, as Braque usually employed for his still lives, Braque depicts two orangey colored apples before a glass of water, sitting on some undefined surface. The still life is framed by a rusty colored boarder, which cuts off the scene in the upper right corner giving the piece its name ‘oblique’. The apples are defined by sensuous black lines that make them pop off of the page. The ink is not smooth, and instead there are brushmarks that gives rough texture to the background of the still life. The rust colored boarder is also an uneven hue, and together with the color makes the boarder look like corroding metal – an interesting and rustic framing device for a still life including food. The inner portion, full of soft green, pastel blue, and creamy orange, pops against the dark reddish frame, bringing the viewer directly in to the true highlight of the etching.

Created circa 1950, this color aquatint and etching is hand signed by Georges Braque (Argenteuil-sur-Seine, 1882- Paris, 1963) in pencil in the lower right and numbered from the edition of 300 in pencil in the lower left; published by Maeght, Paris.


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