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PUK 1105-3 – SOLD

Headrest/Printing Device, New Guinea, Ramu.

H: 11 cm (4,3″), W: 15 cm (5,9″)

Age: Before 1977.

Provenance: Swedish collection

This is a fine figurative headrest comes from the area around the Ramu River in the northern part of New Guinea inhabited by a creative ethnic group with a rich artistic history. This is a striking piece, decoratively carved. The design covers both sides of the headrest. It might have been used both as a printing device and as a headrest.

Headrests have been used to protect elaborate coiffures that can show the status, gender, and age of the wearer. As a personal object it has a great value. The designs developed by regional carvers are remarkably diverse in both form and style.

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