Kotoko Figure

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H: 2,2 cm (0,9″), L: 5,3 cm (2,1″)

These cast equestrian figures, excavated in Chad, were cast by the Kotoko, descendants of the Sao (who disappeared in the 16th C.). Little is known of the Kotoko civilization, but the Sao was one of the oldest iron-working cultures in West Africa.

Bronze Kotoko artifacts are quite rare, and especially prized by collectors and connoisseurs alike. The Kotoko is believed to be descendants of the legendary Sao people. The latter were an ancient indigenous group of Bantu speakers who trace back 7,000 years to when this region of the Sahara was not a desert but had ample water supply, and Lake Chad was sixty-feet above its current level.

Kotoko bronze equestrian figurines are modeled with elegant curves, tapering legs, and highly detailed tack, bridles, and saddles. Small and therefore, portable, these figurines were personal objects, and used as protective amulets around the neck or carried for their therapeutic value.

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