Kuba Shoowa


LCC 0702-4x

Kuba Shoowa Textile, DR Congo

L: 50 cm (20″), W: 46 cm (18″)

Provenance: From Kenyan based art collector.

The art of the Kuba is one of the most highly developed of all African traditions, and significant cultural accomplishments are part of their heritage. Among the best known of Kuba art forms are these raffia cut-pile cloths, true jewels of textile art. Every piece is unique, woven by men but embroidered by women with no stitching visible on the back. Highly prized for their inventive patterns, they were further embellished with tight tufting, leading to the nickname “Kasai velvet”. They were sewn together for ceremonial dresses and even exchanged as currency. As a sign of status they were buried with kings or those fortunate enough to own many.

This example is older, of museum quality, with dense tufting and unique patterns. It can be displayed framed or unframed.

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