Mogens Balle


CRK 0815-1 SOLD 

Mogens Balle

Composition in Blue and Yellow


33,5 cm (13,2″) x 25,5 cm (10″)

Oil on canvas

Mogens Balle, 1921-1988, is a Danish painter and graphics artist. He was self-taught artist and was a co-founder of the artist collaboration Spiralen (the Spiral) in 1947. He is best known for his involvement in the CoBrA movement in 1948-51, and he took part in the decoration of the “Frederiksholm-cottage” in Bregneroed, North Sealand, Denmark in 1949 together with several other CoBrA artists.
Up until the 1960s Balle collaborated with Christian Dotremont, another member of the CoBrA movement, on a collective “word painting”.
From his years in the CoBrA movement an onwards the visual style of Balle was abstract and expressionistic, and his paintings are often inhabited by fabulous creatures. He did several commissions of decorating buildings e.g. Terslev Church in collaboration with his wife Grete Balle, who is also an artist.

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