Onile Figures

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NAK 0613-7

Kneeling pair of Onile Figures of “Ogboni society”, Yoruba, Nigeria

H: 13,5 cm (5,3″) & 15 cm (5,9″)

Lead alloy, encrusted patina.

A male and a female figure, the arms angled, with both hands showing the “ogboni gesture” (= both fists on top of each other in front of the breast), wide facial planes with linear scarification marks and individually arranged high tapering coiffures, traces of corrosion; “onile” figures may appear in pairs.
They are called “owner of the house” resp. “father and mother, owner of the house”. “House” means the building in which the members of the “ogboni” society stay and were these figures are kept.

Provenance: Private Belgian collection.

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