CHRISTA´S Fine Tribal & Modern Art Gallery is  situated in Copenhagen’s mondain gallery- and auction street Bredgade next to the Royal Castle ‘Amalienborg’.

The gallery cultivates its expertise in two main areas: Fine Tribal Art and Modern Art.

The Modern Art Department of the gallery exhibits and deals with fine art by the Modernists (Picasso, Dalí, Miró, Braque, Man Ray etc.) and in particular the CoBrA (Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam) movement all of whom were inspired by African “primitive” art.

Fine Tribal Art exhibits antique effects of high quality  from Africa, Oceanic and other parts of the world.

CHRISTA´S is proud to invite you to the gallery with artworks acquired over the past 25 years and have supplemented the collection of African tribal art from Danish-, Belgian-, Duch- and German private collections.

Welcome at CHRISTA´S Fine Tribal & Modern Art Gallery!

Fine Tribal & Modern Art Gallery