Kampa Figure

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MDK 0615-1

Seated Kampa female figure, Kenya

H: 17 cm (6,7″)

Light brown wood, brown patina

This is a finely carved female figure in an upright posture. She has big ears, eyes with metal inlay, fine tattoos on her left cheek and on her back and wears a very small loincloth. The figure is seated on a typical three-legged Kampa stool, and is attached to the stool with a thin wire.

Age: Est. late 19th – beg 20th Century

Provenance: The figure was a gift to the Danish collector, Paul Dich from his brother, the Danish painter Anton Dich (1889-1935), who lived in Bordighera in southern France and who, together with his friends the artists Amedeo Modigliani and Swedish Ivar Arosenius, collected African tribal art.

Literature: Stevenson, Michael & Michael Graham-Stewart, The Mlungu in Africa, 2003, p. 75


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