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Kanaga Mask

        HCK 1113-8 Kanaga Mask, Mali, Africa H: 106 cm (41,7″), W: 52 cm (20,5″) This Kanaga mask with typical geometric patterns represent the first human being according to the mythology of the Dogon people in Mali. Kanaga masks are worn during the drama dancing ceremonies. The Dogon believe that the Dama dance creates a … Continue reading Kanaga Mask


       HCK 1113-7 Bakota, Gabon H: 56 cm (22″), W: 29 cm (11,4″) This rare figure elegantly made in wood and brass was mounted on a container holding relics of important clan ancestors, serving as guardian. Statues like this were also meant to confer protection, fertility, prosperity and would have been displayed during dance ceremonies … Continue reading Bakota