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HMC 0121-10 Corneille New York (1976), signed Gouache Papersize: 29 x 22 cm We are especially delighted to introduce a unique gouache by Corneille created while staying at the infamous Chelsea Hotel in NYC in 1976, depicting Corneille’s muse Natacha with two other women. The creation of the gouache is fascinatingly recounted in Pierre Restany’s … Continue reading Corneille

Ife Bronze

ANK 0517-10 Ife bronze ‘Janus bronze sculpture’ shaped like a vase, Yoruba, Nigeria This beautifully decorated ‘Janus bronze sculpture’ shaped like a vase depicts the faces of two beautiful young girls. Their hair is neatly arranged in many small braids and headbands. This unusually and stunningly beautiful bronze sculpture originates from the small West African … Continue reading Ife Bronze

Punu Mask

       PKK 0515-1 Punu Mask ”mukudji” Mask, Gabon H: 29,5 cm (11,6″) An exceptional beautiful and charming mask. It has a friendly expression with its whitened face with pierced slit eyes, unturned mouth, a black horizontal band in relief across the cheeks and nose, blackened brows and band of scarification to the forehead and tall … Continue reading Punu Mask

Nok Head

       EJC 0615-01 Nok Terracotta Head, Jos Plateau region of Nigeria Terracotta head mounted on pedestal H. 22 cm (8,7″)/32 cm (12,6″), W: 16 cm (6,3″), Weight: 2,45 kg This unusually well protected head was probably attached to a full figure like most Nok Antiques. Now only the head remains, as it was discovered in … Continue reading Nok Head

Chi Wara

   JBO 0503-07 Chi Wara, Antelope Headdress, Male, Bambara, Mali H: 56 cm (22″), W: 19 cm (7,5″) Provenance: Old Danish collection Bambara carvers have established a reputation for the zoomorphic headdresses worn by Tji-Wara society members. Although they are all different, they often incorporating a zig-zag motif, which represents the sun’s course from east … Continue reading Chi Wara

Kple Kple Mask

       HCK 0610-4  SOLD Baule, Goli/Kple Kple Mask, Ivory Coast, Africa. H: 37 cm (14,6″), W: 21.5 cm (8,5″) This is a very nicely carved authentic mask, called kple kple, a specific type of mask from the Baule people. Common features of the kple kple disc shaped facemasks include antelope shaped horns, round eyes, rectangular shaped … Continue reading Kple Kple Mask

Kanaga Mask

        HCK 1113-8 Kanaga Mask, Mali, Africa H: 106 cm (41,7″), W: 52 cm (20,5″) This Kanaga mask with typical geometric patterns represent the first human being according to the mythology of the Dogon people in Mali. Kanaga masks are worn during the drama dancing ceremonies. The Dogon believe that the Dama dance creates a … Continue reading Kanaga Mask