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Pablo Picasso

0322-2 Pablo Picasso (after painting from 1937)) Maya en tablier (1965) Lithograph in colours on Arches Visible size: 79 x 60 cm Ed. EA/200 Published by Moulot, Paris Historical Description This exquisite portrait, done of Picasso’s first daughter, Maya Picasso, exudes a personal, loving charm in which only a father can relate of his children. … Continue reading Pablo Picasso

Punu Mask

       PKK 0515-1 Punu Mask ”mukudji” Mask, Gabon H: 29,5 cm (11,6″) An exceptional beautiful and charming mask. It has a friendly expression with its whitened face with pierced slit eyes, unturned mouth, a black horizontal band in relief across the cheeks and nose, blackened brows and band of scarification to the forehead and tall … Continue reading Punu Mask

Pablo Picasso

     0322-1 Pablo Picasso (after) Le verre d’absinthe (1972) Etching and aquatinte Signed Picasso in pencil 84 x 63 cm Ed. HC/300 Printed and published by Atelier Crommelynk, Paris, with their blindstamp Pablo Picasso ranks among the most significant artists in Western art history, and his extraordinarily wide-ranging body of work definitively shaped the course … Continue reading Pablo Picasso

Kanaga Mask

        HCK 1113-8 Kanaga Mask, Mali, Africa H: 106 cm (41,7″), W: 52 cm (20,5″) This Kanaga mask with typical geometric patterns represent the first human being according to the mythology of the Dogon people in Mali. Kanaga masks are worn during the drama dancing ceremonies. The Dogon believe that the Dama dance creates a … Continue reading Kanaga Mask