Lobi Stool

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HMK 0315-2

Lobi Tripod stool, Burkina Faso

H: 25 cm (9,8″), L:56 cm (22″), W: 11 cm (4,3″)

Wood, hard brownish patina

This fine three-legged stool has a characteristic Lobi man’s head carved in the extension of the seat. The seat has a dark and warm glow and was a real prestige for the owner.

Every initiated Lobi man owned stool like this; when they went on a journey they carried the stool with them across the shoulder. In cases of emergency it could also be used as weapon.

Probably carved by Sikire Kambire (1895-1963), Gaoua, Upper Volta (Burkina Faso)

Age: Circa 1930s

Provenance: Ex Allan Schmidt (1923-1989) Collection, Paris 1953-55. Bought by Danish collector in 1976.

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