Milk Container


LCK 0702-15a

Nyankole Milk Container, Uganda

H: 26 cm (10,2”) Ø: 24 cm (9,4”)

Wood, narrow neck, banded body with a lid made of tightly woven plant thread

A superb example of a traditional, wooden, dairy vessel from Uganda. Made from a single piece of wood, the interior is hollowed by a combination of heat and carving until very thin walls are achieved. Fine, shiny light and dark color, aged patina in excellent condition
Milk Containers from the Nyankole people in southwest Uganda are used to store milk from cows until taken to the market.

The age is estimated to be about 40 to 50 years and they are still using them today.

Provenance: Collected from Art gallery in Nairobi, Kenya in 1982.

Literature: Frederick J. Simoons, “The Antiquity of Dairying in Asia and Africa”

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