São Grave Bronze

NAK 0619-5 

São Grave Bronze Figure, Cameroon

This miniature patinated bronze male figure was found in a burial ground in Wandala during an excavation in 1963.

Archaeologists have discovered bronze, pottery and ornaments made by the São people whose civilization flourished south of Lake Chad from the sixth-century BC to the sixteenth century. Over fifteen thousand pottery finds from the early civilization have been discovered.

Evidence of the São Civilization (500 BC-1500 AD) in present day eastern Nigeria, southern Chad, and northern Cameroon, near Lake Chad has traced its history to around 300 BC based on the discovery of pottery and terracotta sculptures at several sites in the area. Some burial grounds show people buried in the fetal position inside large jars (pictured below) similar to some burial sites in Egypt. New excavations from the region of the Sao have revealed evidence of an even earlier civilization referred to by archaeologists as the Gajiganna – Zilum Complexdating back to at least 1800 BC.

Measure: H: 43 mm, W: 19 mm, D: 9 Millimeter – Weight: 16 Grams.

Condition: Despite the age and the long-standing stay in a tomb, this figure is in an exceptionally good condition.

Provenience: Acquired from the ‘chief’ of ‘The Makari Tribe’, Kingdom of Wandala.
– ‘Certificate of origin is available’.

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