Snake Pendant

HCK 0117-2

Snake Debira’ Pendant from the Gan people of Burkina Faso

This fine bronze pendant represents a double snake with human upper body. It is the central theme in the art of metal in Gan society and is used as protectors of the individual, the family and their culture. Snakes are ambivalent creatures, representing both the day, the light and the good, but also symbolizing the forces of darkness, evil and witchcraft.
The number of warheads attributed to each object is proportional to the extent of its power, each head represents a particular field of this power.

Dimensions: H: 5 cm, W: 6 cm – weight 41 g.

Provenance: Belgian private collection, Collected in situ in 1950 in small village near Gaoua (near Gaoua Airport) in South East of Burkina Faso

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