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Ivory Sculpture

NAK 0619-2  Chokwe Ivory Sculpture of a Tshibinda Ilunga, Southwestern Congo/Angola/Zambia This remarkable ivory sculpture designed as a flute and worn as a pendant was made in Angola by the Chokwe group and is in exceptionally good condition. It is a standing male figure with powerful tattoo over abdomen, a very highly patinated surface and … Continue reading Ivory Sculpture

Ivory Mask

NAK 0619-3 Anthropomorphic Ivory Amulet Mask “Ikoko”, Pende, Dem. Rep. of Congo. This fine, old ‘Ikoko’ ivory pendant figure has a beautiful yellowish patina due to age. Stylistically it is cut as a ‘Mbuya’ chief’s mask with traditional hairstyle with three jags, closed eyes with hanging eyelids, ornamented headband and with holes for suspension. Among … Continue reading Ivory Mask

Luba Bao Game

[izoom][/izoom] [izoom][/izoom] [izoom][/izoom] [izoom][/izoom] LCC 0604-01 Old Luba Bao Game (Kalaha), Luba, Congo H: 15 cm (5,9″), W: 25,5 cm (10″), L: 64 cm (25,2″) Provenance: Italian collection, Nairobi, Kenya


[izoom][/izoom] [izoom][/izoom] [izoom][/izoom] [izoom][/izoom] Pare-fetishfigur, Tanzania H: 26 cm (10,2″), W: 9 cm (3,5″) The Nganga (shaman) wrapped the figure with a cloth to bind the spiritually powerful materials to its torso. This is the East African equivalent of the Nkisi statues of the Congo people. The Pare people are indigenous to the Pare Mountains … Continue reading Pare-fetishfigur


[izoom][/izoom] [izoom][/izoom] [izoom][/izoom] [izoom][/izoom] JLK 1007-4 Kasango-figur, DR Congo H: 24 cm (9,4″), W: 6 cm (2,4″) Proveniens: Dansk samling. Købt i Paris i 1976.


[izoom][/izoom] [izoom][/izoom] [izoom][/izoom] TMK 1011-1 – SOLGT Medicine Powder Altar, Kuba (Showa), Zaïre (DR Congo) Træ H: 7 cm (2,8″), L: 29,5 cm (11,6″), W: 4 cm (1,6″) Used for the Medicine Man to put a powder on top of this ‘alter’ and rub it back and forth to ‘suck’ out the power. The patient … Continue reading Medicinalter


[izoom] [/izoom] [izoom] [/izoom] [izoom] [/izoom] [izoom] [/izoom] NIK 0602-24 Kuba Drinking Cup, Zaïre (D. R. Congo) H: 20 cm (7,9″), Ø: 9 cm (3,5″) Today, plastic cups or glasses are used for drinking, however, during the 19th and early 20th centuries decorated wooden cups were carved by several tribes across the Southern Savanna. The … Continue reading Chaplo-kop