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Bronze Leopard

CMK 0307-03c Benin Bronze Leopard Head, Benin, Nigeria This dramatic and at the same time beautiful bronze leopard head is a royal icon and were often used as royal water vessels. Water was poured from the mouth over the Oba’s hands in cleansing rituals. Or they were kept on royal altars. TheBeninKingdomwasstrongthroughoutthe15thand16thCenturiesandwaslocatedinWestAfricaborderingwhatisnowNigeriaandTogo.BeninClanswereruledbyaKing,whowasknownastheObaandwhowasthedivineruleroftheBeninpeople.ThepeopleofBeninarecalledBiniandaredescendedfromtheIfepeoples.ThemakingsoftheseBeninbronzeswerestrictlyconsideredcourtartandweremadeexclusivelyforthepalaceoftheObaandweredesignedtoveneratetheachievementsandmemoriesoftheObasandtheirQueensalsocalledIyobasorQueenMotherswhoruledthroughoutthetimeofthekingdom. The bronze founders … Continue reading Bronze Leopard


[izoom][/izoom] [izoom][/izoom] [izoom][/izoom] [izoom][/izoom] CMK 0406-02 Bronze-plade, Benin, Nigeria H: 35 cm (13,8″), W: 29 cm (11,4″) This extraordinary bronze plaque of the Benin kingdom in what is now Nigeria exhibit tree worriers in a virtuosity and sophistication of style that has astonished the Western world since they were visited in the 15th Century. Their … Continue reading Benin-plade


[izoom] [/izoom] [izoom] [/izoom] [izoom] [/izoom] [izoom] [/izoom] CMK 0797- Kwere or Zaramo Figural Hairpin, Tanzania Bronze figure mounted on acrylic base H: 22 cm (8,7″), weight: 200 g This Kwere or Zaramo Figural Hairpin is from the central and northern coastal region in Tanzania. Refined skill and care has gone into the carving of … Continue reading Hårnål